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New Year Resolutions

Its that time of the year again – the time everyone is busy coming up with new year resolutions which in 48 hours we manage to break and most often, even forget. Now I have always hated this concept, for many reasons and hence from this year decided not to make any more new year resolutions.

Now first and most importantly the reason I hate this concept of “new year resolutions” is cause resolutions essentially say that how will you improve yourself. Now how do I improve someone as perfect as me is beyond me. I mean seriously can anyone find fault with me (people who can are hereby banned from viewing this piece any further), then how do I improve perfection? So if I cannot improve perfection how do I make a resolution which speaks to that effect?

Secondly resolutions are rarely dependent on me working it out and many a times cause of others I fail in keeping my resolutions and I hate failing. For example for the last 3-4 years I am making a resolution to get married. Now I am ready but what am I to do if no man is dumb enough to marry me? Is it my fault that God did not make a man so dumb that he would say yes to me? And I am blamed for not keeping my resolution? What crap !!!!

Another reason why I just hate this idea of new year resolution is cause I can never understand why I have to wait for 365 days to decide to improve my life. I mean if I knew in April I am fat, why do I need to wait till December 31 to make a resolution to get slimmer? Is it cause, God forbid I become slim before that time, what will I resolve to do next year and just to have a new year resolution I refuse to get slimmer earlier? The other option of course is I can resolve to become fatter cause sadly I have already become slim and then for the next year I can again have a resolution to become slim. If this idea does not sound preposterous and confusing, I am not sure what will.

So this year am making a change. I making new year resolutions but its for God. This year I resolve that God has to make me super duper rich, make all my problems disappear and also get me George Clooney so I can marry him. And I hope keeping in tradition, God does not break these new year resolutions 🙂

On that note wish everyone a happy new year !!!

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