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Watch will survive…I Won’t

rolex watch


Was just viewing this rolex watch (picture alongside) and among its many features one of them was will survive under 330 feet of water.

Point to Ponder : Will I survive under 330 feet of water and if I don’t how will I know if the watch did or not?

Marriage – Does it spell doom?

Ma says I should never knowingly and willingly harm someone or ruin someone’s life. Does that mean I should never ever marry?

Point to ponder

Our strange legal system

I keep reading news about men who got arrested and convicted cause they slept with a girl promising marriage and then did not which tantamount to rape.
Now according to dictionary and in the broader sense soliciting anything in lieu of sex is prostitution. So isn’t asking for marriage in lieu of sex, also prostitution? Is the court of law then today legalising it?
And on a different thought if we legalising prostitution using marriage as a barter why not legalise it when money, is the point of barter?

Are we saying prostitution is ok as long as we solicit marriage and not money? Point to ponder…

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