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Marriage – Does it spell doom?

Ma says I should never knowingly and willingly harm someone or ruin someone’s life. Does that mean I should never ever marry?

Point to ponder

Our strange legal system

I keep reading news about men who got arrested and convicted cause they slept with a girl promising marriage and then did not which tantamount to rape.
Now according to dictionary and in the broader sense soliciting anything in lieu of sex is prostitution. So isn’t asking for marriage in lieu of sex, also prostitution? Is the court of law then today legalising it?
And on a different thought if we legalising prostitution using marriage as a barter why not legalise it when money, is the point of barter?

Are we saying prostitution is ok as long as we solicit marriage and not money? Point to ponder…

“Mogoj Dholai” of people of West Bengal

The state of WB reminds me of the movie “Hirak Rajar Deshe”..for 35 yrs left govt did “mogoj dholai” (Brainwash) of citizens & said industry is bad, throw out industry, etc..& suddenly when they decided to change their stand they found no takers as people were already brainwashed..and didi took advantage of the same brainwashed people…GOES TO SHOW JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE IT NEVER PAYS TO DO “MOGOJ DHOLAI”

What have you procrastinated today?

A few days back in one of my FB forums on ladies we were asked to write a piece on procrastination. Now of course the topic was so close to me, that I decided to procrastinate the entire job till the date of submission was over. After all I wanted to live by the ethos of the subject to its core and hence gave the entry the late. But then I got to think, why not use the same one (with some changes) here too and ask my readers what have you procrastinated today?

So let me start on what all have I procrastinated till date. Firstly starts with waking up. I mean who in God’s name wants to wake up early morning?I am yet to figure out why God did not make night and straight evenings, sparing me the trouble of waking up in the mornings. Hence every morning its at least half hour of procrastination that I do and been quite successful at it.

The second thing I have very successfully procrastinated is aging. I have decided for the last few years that I will remain 25 till I die and have successfully been celebrating my 25th birthday for the last few years thus procrastinating the ritual of aging.

I have even procrastinated death. When I was 13 I fell very sick. I had fever for over 4 months which was 105 and was not reducing. Most doctors had felt there it is – I will be dying. But then I decided it was not the right time and told the doctors that chill I will delay death by a few years – Say when am 80? (now that I will never be 80 I think i can say I have procrastinated death for life) And I did. I got well and well I am 25 (sic) and still alive

Oh and the one am most proud of procrastinating is breaking down. Whenever things go downhill, which has been quite often of late and many spheres of my life have being nothing but shit, I have with great panache managed to procrastinate the need to break down and loose it. Whenever am just about to feel I should have a nervous breakdown now, I tell myself how about tomorrow we feel this way? Let’s enjoy today. And sure as hell so far managed to elude that quite successfully and trust me have had enough shit to be in that state. Its just too much of work to break down and loose it. Much easier to be happy and feel hey “this too shall pass”

And on that note, let me end by saying procrastination is an art and trust me is not always bad. Sometimes its better to procrastinate things and be happy rather than bring them head on and suffer…don’t you think so?

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